Top 5 Best Motorcycle Zip Ties

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

As an avid motorcyclist with years of experience under my belt, I can confidently say that one of the most overlooked yet essential accessories in my tool kit are zip ties. These unassuming strips of plastic are the unsung heroes of motorcycle maintenance, often stepping in to save the day when traditional fasteners can’t. I have used zip ties for a variety of applications, from securing loose cables to making temporary repairs in the middle of a long ride. In this article, I am going to share my top five picks for the best motorcycle zip ties based on durability, flexibility, and strength.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Zip Ties: My Tried-and-True Favorites

1. Cable Matters Combo Pack Assorted 200 Self-Locking 6+8+12-Inch Nylon Cable Ties (Tie Wraps, Zip Ties)

First up is the Cable Matters Combo Pack. These zip ties are exceptionally strong, durable, and weather-resistant. Available in a variety of lengths, they are perfect for multiple uses on the bike. Whether I am fastening a GoPro to my handlebars or doing a quick fix on the road, these zip ties never fail to impress me with their strength. The locking mechanism is also quite reliable, which is an essential factor to consider.

2. TR Industrial TR88302 Multi-Purpose Cable Ties (100 Piece), 8″, Black

TR Industrial Cable Ties have been a part of my tool kit for quite some time now. These 8-inch zip ties are UV resistant and incredibly durable, which is a plus when it comes to withstanding the harsh outdoor conditions that motorcycles often face. I’ve used these in high-tension situations and can vouch for their impressive load capacity.

3. HS Heavy Duty Durable Cable Zip Ties 12 Inch (100 Pack), UV Resistant Black

I love the HS Heavy Duty Zip Ties for their sheer strength. These are some of the strongest zip ties on the market and have never let me down, even when I’ve used them to secure hefty accessories or conduct makeshift repairs. They are UV resistant, which protects them from becoming brittle due to sunlight exposure. Moreover, they’re 12 inches long, offering a bit more flexibility when I need it.

4. Gardner Bender 46-308UVB DoubleLock Cable Tie, 8 inches, 50 lb, Electrical Wire and Cord Management, Nylon Zip Tie, 100 Pk, UV Resistant Black

The Gardner Bender DoubleLock Cable Ties are known for their unique design that allows for a tighter grip. I can secure these ties with just one hand, which can be a lifesaver during an emergency roadside fix. The double lock design ensures an even distribution of force, making these zip ties ideal for situations that demand extra security.

5. Hmrope 100pcs Cable Zip Ties Heavy Duty 8 Inch, Premium Plastic Wire Ties with 50 Pounds Tensile Strength, Self-Locking Black Nylon Tie Wraps for Indoor and Outdoor

The Hmrope Cable Zip Ties are a good all-rounder. They are not the strongest on the market, but their tensile strength is more than sufficient for most of the tasks I’ve used them for. Their self-locking mechanism is reliable, and I appreciate the fact that they come in an easy-to-store bag that keeps them organized in my tool kit.

Every experienced motorcyclist understands the importance of a high-quality zip tie. These might seem like simple tools, but they often stand between you and a potential roadside disaster. The five options I’ve shared here have served me well over the years and have proven their worth in countless situations. Just remember to always carry an adequate supply with you; you never know when you might need them!


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