Are There Motorcycle Gloves Without Velcro?

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

As an avid motorcyclist with countless miles under my belt, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the importance of the right gear, particularly when it comes to hand protection. We often discuss helmets, jackets, and boots, but a critical aspect of the gear that often gets overlooked is motorcycle gloves. These gloves are not just about comfort, they’re about safety and control too.

Traditionally, motorcycle gloves have employed Velcro closures for a secure fit, but over time, I’ve become fascinated by the alternatives. Velcro, while useful, can degrade over time, losing its gripping ability due to exposure to the elements and repeated use. It also tends to catch on and damage other clothing items, and let’s not even start on the collection of lint and dirt it tends to attract. This led me to explore gloves without Velcro – and let me tell you, it’s been quite a journey.

Motorcycle Gloves Without Velcro: A First-Person Perspective

Pull-On Gloves

My first foray into non-Velcro motorcycle gloves was pull-on variants, often referred to as “slip-on” gloves. Like any other slip-on clothing item, these gloves are designed to simply pull onto your hands without the need for any straps or fasteners. They usually have an elasticated wrist section to ensure a snug fit.

Pull-on gloves tend to be quite comfortable as they mold better to your hand shape, reducing pressure points. The seamless design also eliminates the problem of a fastener failure mid-ride. However, the sizing needs to be just right; too loose, and you may compromise your grip, too tight, and you could lose circulation.

Zipper Gloves

Another alternative to Velcro I explored was zipper-closure gloves. These gloves employ a small, often inconspicuous zipper, typically around the wrist area, to fasten the glove securely. Zippers can provide a more adjustable and secure fit compared to pull-on gloves and often last longer than Velcro closures.

A downside I noticed was that the zipper could sometimes cause discomfort, especially during longer rides. Also, the zipper track needs to be well maintained and kept clean to ensure smooth operation.

Button and Strap Gloves

Moving on, I discovered gloves with button and strap closures. A touch more vintage in their aesthetic, these gloves provide a secure, adjustable fit. The button and strap gloves reminded me of the classic gauntlet-style motorcycle gloves, bringing a sense of nostalgia.

The strap system offers a very secure fit, and the durability is generally better than Velcro. However, it can take a bit more time to fasten and unfasten these gloves compared to other methods.

Buckle Closure Gloves

Lastly, I tried out gloves with a buckle closure system. These reminded me of the system commonly found in motorcycle boots. The buckle system offers excellent security, and because the buckle is usually made of metal, it can withstand harsher conditions and is more durable than Velcro.

However, similar to the button and strap gloves, buckles can be a bit more time-consuming to secure and release. Also, in some cases, the buckle can press against the wrist, causing discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Having sampled all these non-Velcro motorcycle gloves, I’d conclude that each has its merits and downsides. The best glove closure system largely depends on personal preference, the type of rides you typically go on, and what comfort, convenience, and durability mean to you.

Having experienced the freedom from Velcro-related frustrations, I would suggest that it’s worth trying gloves without Velcro. You never know, you might find them more to your liking. After all, the ride isn’t just about the destination; it’s also about the journey and the gear that gets us there. So, why not experiment a bit with that gear and make the ride even more enjoyable?


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