Top 6 Best Motorcycle Gloves For Numb Hands 2023

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

I’ve faced many challenges on the road, but none have been as persistent or discomforting as numb hands. Numbness can result from numerous issues, including long rides, grip pressure, and the vibrations of our beloved two-wheeled machines. It can be an annoying distraction at best, and at worst, a safety hazard.

But, fear not. Today, I’m sharing my top picks for the best motorcycle gloves in 2023, specially designed to combat hand numbness. With improved padding, enhanced grip designs, and advanced material technologies, these gloves provide much-needed comfort and protection.

Top 6 Best Motorcycle Gloves For Numb Hands 2023

1. Dainese Universe Gore-Tex Gloves

If you’re riding in colder climates, the Universe Gore-Tex gloves from Dainese are a lifesaver. They feature a premium leather construction and a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane. But, most importantly for riders dealing with numb hands, they come with an effective thermal liner and Techno™ inserts on the knuckles and joints. This technology significantly reduces the vibrations that cause numbness.

2. REV’IT! Sand 4 Gloves

The Sand 4 gloves from REV’IT! are designed for long-distance riders and adventure bikers. They offer excellent vibration damping without sacrificing flexibility or feel, thanks to their Tri-fleece liner and PWR|Shield knit at the palm. The touchscreen-friendly fingertips are a bonus, letting you interact with GPS or smartphones without removing the gloves.

3. Alpinestars SP-8 v2 Leather Gloves

For sportbike riders, I highly recommend Alpinestars SP-8 v2. They feature a patented third and fourth finger bridge, preventing finger roll and separation during impacts. The advanced over-molded polymer knuckle protector and EVA foam padding on the thumb, wrist, back of hand, and fingers do an excellent job of absorbing those vibration-induced shocks. Plus, the high-quality leather offers comfort, performance, and durability.

4. Klim Induction Gloves

The Klim Induction gloves are designed for hot weather but with vibration reduction in mind. Made from perforated goat leather, they’re highly breathable, making them a perfect choice for summer rides. Their Poron® XRD® padding on knuckles, palm, and fingers absorb shock efficiently, reducing numbness and fatigue.

5. Held Air N Dry Gloves

Two-in-one glove designs don’t come any better than the Held Air N Dry Gloves. They have a GORE-TEX membrane and a lighter summer glove side for hotter rides. These gloves are perfect for riders looking for a balance of protection, comfort, and adaptability to changing conditions. Their X-trafit technology promotes a better grip, reducing the need for excessive hand strain that can lead to numbness.

6. Five RFX1 Replica Gloves

The Five RFX1 Replica gloves are the epitome of performance meeting comfort. With their full-grain leather structure and Carbon composite protectors, they provide an optimal safety level. For those suffering from numb hands, the gloves feature an inside lining made from Kevlar-reinforced cotton, known for its vibration-dampening qualities.

When choosing the best gloves to alleviate numb hands, it’s important to remember that fit is as vital as features. An ill-fitting glove can exacerbate numbness, regardless of how advanced the glove technology is. Therefore, always ensure that the gloves fit snugly but not too tight, allowing for full movement and flexibility.

Lastly, it’s also crucial to remember that while gloves can help alleviate numbness, they are not a cure-all solution. If you’re experiencing chronic hand numbness, it’s always best to consult with a medical professional to rule out any potential underlying health issues.

As we thunder down the highway in 2023, don’t let numb hands diminish your love for the ride. Choose gloves that suit your needs best, and remember, the journey is as important as the destination. Safe riding, folks!


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