Top 10 BestTouchscreen Motorcycle Gloves: A Motorcyclist’s Perspective

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

As an experienced motorcyclist who’s logged countless miles on the open road, I’ve come to realize the undeniable importance of quality gear. Out of the long list of essentials, one particular item that stands out in today’s digital age is a good pair of touchscreen motorcycle gloves. The ability to interact with our phones and GPS devices without having to remove our gloves is not just convenient. It also significantly improves our safety on the road.

10 Best Touchscreen Motorcycle Gloves

After having personally tried and tested numerous gloves over the years, I’ve distilled my list down to the top 10 touchscreen motorcycle gloves that provide both safety and convenience without compromising on comfort or style.

1. Alpinestars SP-8 v2 Touchscreen Gloves

Alpinestars’ reputation in the motorcycle gear world is unparalleled. The SP-8 v2 Gloves stand out due to their touchscreen-compatible index finger, durable full-grain leather build, and ergonomic design, offering an impressive balance of protection and comfort.

2. REV’IT! Sand 3 Gloves

 Known for their versatility, the Sand 3 gloves can handle varying weather conditions quite comfortably. They are lightweight, offer touchscreen compatibility, and the TPR knuckle protectors offer excellent safety.

3. Dainese Corbin Air Gloves

This unlined summer glove with perforated palms allows for optimal airflow. The gloves incorporate touchscreen-friendly leather, and the reinforced palm and backhand padding ensure maximum protection.

4. Joe Rocket Burner Heated Textile Gloves

 For those cold winter rides, Joe Rocket’s heated gloves are a lifesaver. The glove features a three-stage heated setting, touchscreen-friendly fingers, and are waterproof, making them an ideal choice for harsh weather conditions.

5. ICON Pursuit Touchscreen Gloves

 With their sheepskin leather construction, the ICON Pursuit gloves provide a superior feel and comfort. The touchscreen compatibility extends to all fingers, which makes it easier to operate devices without taking off the gloves.

6. Klim Adventure GTX Long Gloves

 If you’re into adventure riding or long touring, the Klim Adventure gloves should be on your radar. These GORE-TEX gloves are waterproof, breathable, and the multi-touch tech threads offer excellent device interaction.

7. ScorpionExo SGS MKII Gloves

 A great option for sports riders, these gloves are known for their pre-curved palm and finger design. They offer good protection with knuckle protectors and have touchscreen-compatible index fingers.

8. Five Stunt EVO Replica Gloves

These are light, ventilated, and excellent for city riding. The gloves offer a good amount of protection, with reinforced palms and carbon protectors. The touchscreen-friendly tip on the index finger is a nice addition.

9. Held Air N Dry Gloves

These gloves stand out with their unique two-chamber system: one for breathability and the other for waterproofing. The Kangaroo leather palm is touchscreen compatible and provides an exceptional feel and durability.

10. Olympia 610 Adjustable Anti-Vibe Gel Gloves

Designed to reduce vibration, these gloves are an excellent choice for those long-distance rides. The gloves offer touchscreen compatibility, and the adjustable strap provides a custom fit for every rider.

Picking the right glove is a subjective task, as different riders have different priorities. My top 10 picks are based on a balance of safety, comfort, weather versatility, and of course, touchscreen compatibility. As an experienced rider, I can vouch for the credibility and performance of each of these gloves. Always remember quality gear is an investment, not an expense. Ride safe!


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