Top 10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves 2023

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

I’ve been living the motorcycle life for many a decade now. I’ve seen it all, from cruising along the coastlines during the summer to battling through the snow-covered mountain passes in winter. Among all the gear I have tested and used, one piece that has always been vital, irrespective of the season, is a pair of reliable gloves.

Today, I’m going to share with you my top picks for the best waterproof motorcycle gloves, drawn from years of riding experience in all sorts of weather conditions.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves 2023

1. Alpinestars Andes Touring Outdry Gloves

When it comes to waterproof gloves, Alpinestars is a brand you can’t ignore. Their Andes Touring Outdry Gloves strike the perfect balance between affordability and functionality. These gloves feature a full-grain leather palm for improved abrasion resistance and durability and a fully waterproof Outdry membrane. They’ve seen me through many a rain-soaked ride, and they continue to impress with their reliable performance.

2. Dainese X-Travel Gore-Tex Gloves

The Dainese X-Travel Gore-Tex Gloves are a true marvel of Italian engineering. With their Gore-Tex waterproof technology, I’ve had my hands stay bone-dry even on the heaviest of rainy days. They come with hard-knuckle protection, and Techno inserts on the finger joints for safety. They’re not the cheapest on the list, but worth every penny for their excellent performance and safety features.

3. Rukka Argosaurus Gore-Tex Gloves

Though a bit on the pricey side, the Rukka Argosaurus Gore-Tex Gloves offer unparalleled quality and comfort. They boast a Gore-Tex waterproof lining and a leather exterior that provides a superior combination of comfort and protection. The fit and the finish of these gloves are phenomenal, and they’re my go-to choice for extended touring.

4. Klim Adventure GTX Long Gloves

With their full Gore-Tex waterproofing and Gore Grip technology for improved dexterity, the Klim Adventure GTX Long Gloves have never let me down. The gloves are a bit heavier due to the added insulation, but they are perfect for colder, wet conditions. The overall build quality and ruggedness are also top-notch, as is typical with Klim products.

5. Rev’it! Summit 3 H2O Gloves

The Rev’it! Summit 3 H2O Gloves are a great mid-range option. Their hydratex liner provides reliable waterproofing while also allowing for breathability. I appreciate their hard-shell knuckle and palm slider for that added layer of safety. The gloves are also touch-screen compatible, a feature that’s become increasingly useful on the road.

6.  Joe Rocket Wind Chill Cold Weather Gloves

For those winter rides, the Joe Rocket Wind Chill Cold Weather Gloves are a must-have. They offer 100% waterproof Dry Tech midliner and a Thinsulate thermal insulation that keeps your hands warm and dry. These gloves have been my winter companions for years, providing excellent grip and warmth, even in near-freezing conditions.

7. Held Air N Dry Gloves

The Held Air N Dry Gloves are a marvel of German design. They feature a unique two-chamber system – one for ventilation when it’s dry and another with a waterproof liner for when the skies open up. I love the flexibility these gloves provide, allowing me to adapt to changing weather conditions on the go.

8. Spidi NK-6 H2Out Gloves

The Spidi NK-6 H2Out Gloves are a fantastic pair of waterproof winter gloves. With Primaloft insulation and a H2Out membrane, these gloves have kept my hands warm and dry in some seriously cold and wet conditions. Their safety features, including a knuckle shield and a palm slider, are equally impressive.

9. Five WFX3 WP Gloves

The Five WFX3 WP Gloves are a budget-friendly waterproof option that doesn’t skimp on quality. I have found them to be remarkably waterproof, thanks to the Hipora membrane. The gloves also offer good insulation, making them a great choice for colder weather riding.

10. BILT Tempest Waterproof Gloves

Rounding off this list are the BILT Tempest Waterproof Gloves. These gloves offer excellent value for money, featuring a 100% waterproof lining and a leather palm with textile backing. They’ve served me well on numerous rides, proving that quality waterproof gloves need not break the bank.

In conclusion, investing in a good pair of waterproof motorcycle gloves is crucial for any serious rider. All of the gloves I’ve listed here have proven their worth on the road, offering great waterproof performance while also keeping comfort, protection, and affordability in mind. Remember, the best glove is the one that fits you well and meets your specific needs. So, choose wisely and ride on, no matter the weather!


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