What Is The Best Color For Motorcycle Jacket?

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

As a motorcyclist with many years under my belt, I’ve seen my fair share of close calls on the road. Often, the difference between a near miss and a tragic accident boils down to one simple factor: visibility. Over the years, I’ve realized the importance of the color and design of our riding gear, especially when it comes to staying conspicuous on the road. Here’s a deeper dive into the world of motorcycle jackets and the best colors to ensure you’re seen and safe.

Best Color for Motorcycle Jacket: A Rider’s Guide to Visibility and Safety

The Importance of Being Seen

Why Dark Colors Can Be Dangerous?

Every rider has a favorite jacket, and for many of us, it’s that classic black leather one. While it may look cool, dark colors, especially black, tend to disappear into the background. Shades like gray, light brown, and olive drab green are equally treacherous as they fade into non-threatening elements in a driver’s peripheral vision. The worst offender? Camouflage. Designed to help the wearer blend into their surroundings, it does its job all too well when on the road.

The Science Behind High-Visibility Gear:

Being visible isn’t just about avoiding an accident; it’s about making your presence undeniable. A study indicated that motorcyclists wearing high-visibility or fluorescent clothing are 37% less likely to be involved in a crash. That’s a significant percentage, one that every rider should take note of.

Making the Right Choice: Colors That Pop

Bright and Solid Colors:

Bright colors aren’t just a fashion statement; they’re a lifeline. Solid, bright shades grab attention and stand out against the landscape, especially during the day. If you want to be seen, opt for yellows, oranges, or even bright whites. These colors stand out against the asphalt and the greenery, ensuring you remain visible.

The Power of Fluorescence:

As night falls, fluorescent colors come into their own. They don’t just stand out; they almost glow, creating a striking contrast against the dark backdrop. If you ride a lot during the evenings or early mornings, fluorescent riding gear is a must-have.

Avoiding Mixed Patterns:

While multi-colored patterns might seem like a good idea, they can often hinder more than help. Such designs, especially if they’re dark, can break up your silhouette, making you less discernible to drivers. Stick to solid, bright shades for maximum visibility.

Beyond the Jacket: Other Considerations

Helmet Colors Matter:

Your jacket isn’t the only piece of gear that can keep you safe. According to the same study by BMJ, riders wearing white helmets had a noticeable reduction in crash risk. The helmet sits higher and can be an excellent tool for increasing your visibility.

Finish and Material:

Glossy finishes tend to be more visible than matte ones. The sheen can catch a driver’s eye, especially when headlights hit it. When picking out gear, considering the material and finish can be just as essential as the color.

In conclusion

The road can be a dangerous place for motorcyclists. Every choice we make, from the routes we pick to the gear we wear, impacts our safety. While black jackets may be the iconic symbol of motorcycling, it’s the bright, fluorescent ones that might just save your life. Stay visible, stay safe, and keep riding.


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