Top 10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots 2023

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

One of the first lessons every motorcyclist learns is the importance of the right gear. Helmets, jackets, gloves – we’re meticulous about them all, but there’s one essential item we often overlook – our boots. As an experienced rider who has braved every weather condition imaginable, I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to have waterproof motorcycle boots. They not only keep our feet dry but also offer essential protection and support. So, to help you find the perfect pair, I’ve put together my personal list of the ten best waterproof motorcycle boots I’ve tried and tested over the years.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

1. Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar Boots

The Andes v2 Drystar boots from Alpinestars are my go-to for touring. They offer a superb balance of protection, comfort, and durability. Thanks to their Drystar membrane, my feet always stay dry, even in the heaviest downpours. The reinforced toe box and heel counter give a sense of security without compromising flexibility.

2. Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

The Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots by Sidi are a perfect blend of adventure and street boots. Gore-Tex is renowned for its waterproofing capabilities, and these boots excel in that department. They also provide excellent ankle and shin protection, ideal for those rough terrains. Although slightly on the pricey side, they are worth the investment for any serious rider.

3. TCX Fuel WP Boots

For classic design lovers, the TCX Fuel WP boots are a stellar option. They are waterproof yet breathable, thanks to the full-grain leather and waterproof lining. With its vintage style, you’re not just getting protective footwear but also a fashion statement.

4. Dainese Latemar Gore-Tex Boots

Riding long distances requires boots that prioritize comfort, and the Dainese Latemar boots do just that. Built with a Gore-Tex membrane, they promise dry feet in all weather. What I love most about these boots is the rigid inserts at the ankles and the thermoformed and abrasion-resistant shift pad, which provides added safety.

5. Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

The Forma Adventure boots cater to off-road riders like me who fancy venturing off the beaten path. The Drytex waterproofing effectively repels water, and the vintage leather finish gives them a great rugged look. Despite their sturdy construction, they are surprisingly comfortable and flexible.

6. Rev’It Discovery OutDry Boots

Rev’It Discovery OutDry boots are another fantastic option for adventure riders. The OutDry technology keeps the water out while maintaining breathability. With features like a Vibram sole, reinforced areas, and fireproof Dupont Nomex thread, they offer excellent protection and durability.

7. Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Boots

The Icon 1000 Elsinore HP boots are inspired by classic motocross boots. They offer great protection, with shin and metal heel plates. The full-grain leather and waterproof gussets ensure you stay dry in the rain, and the look of these boots is simply unbeatable if you’re into retro.

8. Daytona Road Star GTX Boots

A list of the best waterproof motorcycle boots would be incomplete without mentioning the Daytona Road Star GTX boots. They are the epitome of comfort, protection, and German quality. While these boots are an investment, the Gore-Tex membrane, leather outer, and robust construction make them worth every penny.

9. Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar Boots

The Corozal Adventure Drystar boots from Alpinestars are well-designed for dual-sport riding. They feature a multi-material upper construction for maximum flexibility and the Drystar membrane for effective waterproofing. They are also pretty easy to put on and take off, which is always a bonus at the end of a long ride.

10. BMW ProTouring 2 Boots

Last but not least, the BMW ProTouring 2 boots combine style, comfort, and high-quality waterproofing. As a bonus, the uppers are made of hydrophobic cowhide leather, which makes them easy to clean. The built-in shin and ankle protection provide a safe ride, and their overall fit and finish are simply exceptional.

Remember, riders, the best waterproof motorcycle boots for you are the ones that fit well, offer the protection you need, and keep your feet dry and comfortable. It’s always worth spending a little more on quality boots, as they’ll last longer and perform better, saving you money in the long run. So, take your pick from my list and let the open road call to you, come rain or shine!


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