2022 Herald Motorcycle Cafe 400

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Although Herald Motorcycle is based in Cambridgeshire and produces its goods in China, this year will see the introduction of a new British-designed Brat and the British-built Brute 500, both of which will be produced in the company’s Huntingdon headquarters.

The Herald Motorcycle Cafe 400 is a follow-up to Herald’s Classic 400, which O2W previously evaluated, but with the retro style of a longing 1960s café racer. It is classic in appearance and builds.

2022 Herald Motorcycle Cafe 400 white

This Café 400 exudes a sense of joy and well-being to the eye, and Herald claims that any rider would grin when they see this model. Check to check if it’s “smiley time” now.

It includes the traditional clip-ons and a very fashionable 12-liter tank with a brushed stainless steel tank strap and an offset filler cap that makes it simple to fill up while on its side stand (no main stand for this racer). In the UK, this Herald model with Café Racer styling is offered in three color choices: Gloss Red, Cream, and Black. We were able to get the red version, and it truly looks like the part.

Motorcycle Herald Cafe 400 Engine

2022 Herald Motorcycle Cafe 400 red

Although 27bhp from a 397cc Taiwanese Honda-derived SOHC four-stroke engine may not sound like much, let’s wait and see how it feels to ride. It’s nice that this model’s engine casing and other components are entirely black; they go well with the red tank’s side panels and the black framework. It has drilled twin front discs and a single back disc, as well as front and rear 17″ wire spoked wheels. The front tires are 110/70/17, while the back tires are 130/70/17.

Engine And Transmission

Engine type: Single-cylinder


Displacement: 397cc
Power: 27hp/79.7Kw
Transmission: 5 speed
Fuel tank capacity: 12liters
Cooling system: Air-cooled
Final drive: Chain

Chassis And Suspension

The front and rear suspension systems are both adjustable, allowing the rider to customize the bike to suit their riding preferences. It sports a sleek-looking saddle with a 790mm seat height, making it pleasant and low for riders with shorter statures. It is a rather light bike with a dry weight of 165kg. The item is 785 mm wide and 2080 mm long.

2022 Herald Motorcycle Cafe 400 red

Other features include twin exhaust pipes, dual clocks, and bullet indicators. Nobody can’t wait to use the five-speed gearbox and hear the roar from these gorgeous pipes. There is a stylish rear extension to the mudguard that resembles that on some Ducati Monster 821/1200 models.

The vehicle’s Taiwanese Honda-based engine, which has twin exhausts, dual front discs, adjustable front, and rear shocks, clip-ons, and a sleek tank, roars through a five-speed transmission.

The suspension is quite firm, but as is typical for this style of racing thoroughbred pocket rocket, both the front and rear are adjustable, so I might think about softening the front suspension since it is, to put it mildly, firm when going over road studs or manhole covers (this might also help with the mirror vibrations)? Even in torrential downpours and on heated, filthy roads, the tires have performed admirably thus far.


2022 Herald Motorcycle Cafe 400 red

The front brakes are very quick to bite, and the brakes are actually quite good. This model is equipped with a great big set of 295mm (approximately) front discs and a huge-looking caliper. With the 235mm (approximate) disc, the rear brake does take a little longer to complete its task.

The Herald firm created the 2019 Herald Cafe 400 motorbike, which is a part of the Herald cafe 400 series that includes motorcycles with various displacements.

It doesn’t have rear sets installed, contrary to what you may have assumed, probably because it has footpegs installed for the rear passenger so you can ride a pillion.

The Café 400 has a fantastic growl from its twin pipes, and the more power you apply, the better and louder the roar. It simply wants to leave. It happily cruises along at 50 mph, but before you know it creeps up to 60 mph and growls louder as if to scream, “Come on, give it some.” When you come to a stop, it can be a bit challenging to find neutral, but it has a lot of torque when you need it. In densely populated places, it will remain at 30 mph, but it is best to shift into third immediately because it has a tendency to increase its speed on riders who are not paying attention.

Chassis, Suspensions, And Wheels

Chassis type: Steel
Front Suspension: Telescopic fork
Rare suspension: Dual shocks
Wheels Wire-spook  / Black rim
Front brake Disc
Rare brake Disc

 The vehicle’s Taiwanese Honda-based engine, which has twin exhausts, dual front discs, adjustable front, and rear shocks, clip-ons, and a sleek tank, roars through a five-speed transmission.

2022 Herald Motorcycle Cafe 400

Simple warning lights (albeit they are a little small in size) and the rev counter and speedometer are all that are present on the instrument panel, which is finished in brushed stainless steel. It does include a fuel gauge (always handy in my opinion).

2022 Herald Motorcycle Cafe 400

Over 150 kilometers should be possible with the 12-liter (2.6 gals) tank. It took 10.16 liters (2.2 gals) of petrol to travel 144 miles, thus it is fuel-efficient. The fuel warning light turned on as I was pulling in to refuel with 1 bar visible on the gauge. My second run out, which covered 157 miles, averaged 79 mpg with 2 bars visible and required nine liters of fuel.

Dimensions and Capacities

Seat height: 31.1 inches/790mm
Power-Weight Ratio: 0.3606 hp/lbs   /   0.1636 cv/kg
Fuel capacity: 3.17 gallons/12liters
Curb weight: 165kg

What Are The Color Available For Café 400?

  • Gloss-Black
  • Cream
  • Bright red

The Cambridgeshire-based Herald Motor Company specializes in the design and construction of stylish yet understated motorcycles. “Put a smile on the rider’s face and not a hole in their pocket,” is their motto. They have a selection of fashionable motorcycles available in sizes ranging from 125cc to 400cc, with a 500cc model on the way.

What Is The Price Of 2022 Herald Café 400? $5311

Retro Style and Modern Reliability

This bike seems unique, in my opinion. The Café 400’s retro appearance, according to Herald, “will fulfill your yearning for race cars from the 1960s,” and if I had been around at the time and understood how to compose this post as I do now, I’d say it does just that. The Herald successfully combined a vintage aesthetic with current technical dependability. It has twin front discs, front and rear shocks that can be adjusted, clip-ons, and a fashionable tank, among other things. This machine truly qualifies as a “head turner” thanks to its cream color and dual exhausts. It’s time to get it going so you can stop staring at it and experience what it’s like to have fun.

Even at idle, the Honda-based single-cylinder engine produces a pleasant rumble that comes from the two exhausts. With the clip-ons within easy reach, the upright and comfortable seating position prevents you from feeling off-balance. The bike exudes quality, and I found the top’s attention to detail particularly pleasing.

The Herald has successfully combined a vintage aesthetic with current technical dependability.


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