2022 AJS Cadwell 125 Cafe Racer

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Café Racer That Punches Well Above Its Weight and Is Guaranteed To Turn Heads

The AJS Cadwell 125 will transport you to a bygone era when British bikes ruled, rock ‘n’ roll was the youth’s language and motorcycles were designed for pleasure and excitement. The Cadwell expertly captures the essence of the vintage motorcycles from the 1950s and 1960s, when owners modified their vehicles to resemble café racers.

The AJS Cadwell is at ease both in urban settings and on open roads. Your face will smile, and you’ll feel excited as you make your way around each turn to the next cafe. The Cadwell will win your heart.

What Are The Key Features Of AJS Cadewall 125?

AJS Cadwell 125 Cafe Racer silver

  • Legal for 17-year-old learner
  • warning sign for low fuel level
  • engine with a balance shaft that is incredibly smooth
  • Fitted center stand and side stands
  • outstanding fuel efficiency
  • System for exhaust in stainless steel

What Are The Engine Features Of AJS Cadwell 125?

AJS Cadwell 125 Cafe Racer red

The 125cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine was created by Jianshe, Yamaha’s Chinese partner. The bike can accelerate very quickly and cruise at 50 to 60 mph without any issues. The engine has plenty of power to keep up with metropolitan traffic and occasionally even rural roads.

Even the odd bang from the exhaust when you roll on and off the throttle adds to the pleasing sound of the engine.

Despite the engine being modern, the retro aesthetic is maintained thanks to air-cooling and the use of a carburetor rather than fuel injection. Without a cat box in the way, the exhaust also travels directly from the cylinder to the end can. Even though many modern bikes now feature fuel injection, liquid cooling, and cutting-edge emissions control systems, these designs still look good on this bike even though they are a little old.

Engine Features

Engine: ·         OHC

·         Air-Cooled

·         1-cylinder

·         4-stroke

Engine Capacity/Displacement: 124cc
Maximum-Power (@9000rpm): 7.33Kw
Maximum-Torque (@6500rpm): 9.35Nm
Bore*Stroke: 2.13inches*2.13inches/54mm*54mm
Compression-Ratio: 10.0/1
Transmission-Type: Chain-drive


Fuel-Type: E5-Petrol
Fuel-Tank-Capacity: 11.2 L/

 The Café Racer AJS Look

AJS Cadwell 125 Cafe Racer orange

The AJS stands out as a particularly attractive alternative among all the café racers coming out of various factories. The AJS and Cadwell emblems have been tastefully applied to the tank and covers of the bike, which are available in black or silver.

From the fuel cap in the Monza style to the contoured single seat, the overall impression is one of understated style. The spoked wheels, rubber fork covers, straight stainless-steel exhaust, bullet indicators, and clip-on handlebars all contribute to the bike’s classic appearance.

The clocks are equally straightforward and functional; they just have an odometer and speedometer. Though they appear nice, the indicators, full beam, neutral, and low fuel lights are not bright enough to clearly stand out from the dashboard. It would have been easier to utilize if they had had brighter bulbs behind them.

Although the switchgear is simple, it is of high quality, and all the buttons and switches are simple to use. Just keep in mind to turn off the manual choke once the engine has warmed up. Both a kick-start and an electric start are available, and both are effective.

What Is The Maximum Speed Of AJS Cadwell 125?

AJS Cadwell 125 Cafe Racer blue



The front brakes have a large single disc, while the rear brakes also have a single disc. Because the Cadwell Clubman complies with Euro 4 standards, it has CBS, which performs a superb job of giving users a lot of confidence while stopping the machine. The levers are quite responsive and sturdy.

Wheel, Brakes, and Suspension Features

Front-wheel rim: 17*MT2.5
Rare wheel rim: 17*MT3.5
Front brake: 300mm/11.81inches

Single disc

Rare brake: 210mm/8.26inches

Rare disc

Front tire: 110: 70-17
Rare tire: 130: 70-17

How Much Does AJS Cadwell Weight?

AJS Cadwell 125 Cafe Racer black


Wheels and Suspension

There is no indication of the old “bike tires” here thanks to the wheels’ good size (F:110/70-18 & R:130/70-17), which also offers a stable ride that is grounded on the ground. The USD forks and twin rear shocks have a professional appearance, but the ride is what I like to refer to as “café racer firm,” meaning that you can still move forward after running over a leaf. Consider the stiff suspension of a sports vehicle or motorcycle; it is there for a reason.


The handlebars are low and invite you to lean over the tank as the speed rises, giving the riding position a mildly sporty edge. However, this does not imply that you cannot sit upright in city traffic. It’s simple to place both feet firmly on the ground because the bike is so low.

Although a little rough, the seat is not uncomfortable. Surprisingly, there is only one seat in the usual configuration, but there are foot pegs for the passenger. If you’d prefer a pillion room to the chic appearance of the seat cowl, AJS provides a different seat option that allows carrying a passenger.

Style, Speed, And Power

The Cadwell Clubman is the king of style, and it has a lot of it. With all the glances and second looks you get when riding around, you actually feel like the coolest kid in town—not bad for a 125cc that is completely conventional. The tank and paint finish look fantastic in the stylish black and gold finish, but you will need to keep up with cleaning because it attracts fingerprints.

Although the 4-stroke air-cooled motor is modest, it feels excellent when it starts up and has respectable torque (no indicated numbers), with a maximum output of about 9.9 BHP at 9000 RPM. The single-cylinder engine has a balance shaft to lessen unwelcome shaking, which I found to be effective in maintaining a smooth ride.

Maintenance Information

Front-Tire pressure: 33psi
Rare-Tire pressure: 33psi
Tappet-Clearance IN: 0.15mm
Tappet-Clearance EX: 0.15mm
Engine-Oil Type: 10w40

Class API

Spark-Plug Type: NGK-CR6HS
Front-Fork Oil Capacity: 220CC
Front-Fork Oil Type: RSF-7.5

The five-speed transmission is accurate and smooth, and whether you’re shifting up or down, the gears fit together perfectly. The bike seems surprisingly steady for a little vehicle even at 60 mph, and it dives into curves with ease. High speeds require constant steering because rapid stabs at the bars will quickly cause wobbles, but for a 125cc bike, this one handles speed nicely.


The highly sturdy and dependable 5-speed gearbox on this bike is probably its best feature; it is simple to shift into gear and always finds neutral on the first try. It is incredibly simple to ride, especially for CBT test-passers who have just graduated. The gear ratios are all properly set, and the power delivery is mild enough.

What Are The Available Color Of AJS Cadwell 125?

Jet black

Metallic dark red

Silver fox

Metallic blue

Blazing orange

What Is The Seat Height Of the AJS Cadwell 125?

The seat height of the AJS Cadwell is 740mm/29inches.


Seat Height: 740mm/29inches
Length: 2040mm/80.30inches
Width: 720mm/28.35inches
Height: 1060mm/41.72inches
Wheelbase: 1330mm/52.36inches
Fuel-Consumption: 128mgp
Odometer: Km

Why Buy An AJS?

One of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in Britain is A.J.S. It has both a dazzling past and a promising future. The innovative and distinctive Powered Light Vehicles that A.J.S is now introducing to the market offer amazing value, and superb quality, and pay homage to the company’s long history and tradition. Our goal is to ensure that the renowned AJS name continues to be associated with top-notch quality and service.

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