Top 13 Best Low Profile Full-Face Helmets: A Motorcyclist’s Guide

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Hello there, fellow riders. As someone who’s spent countless hours tearing down highways, exploring city streets, and tackling off-road trails on two wheels, I know firsthand how critical a helmet is for our safety. However, I also understand the desire for comfort, style, and minimalism. That’s why today, I want to introduce you to my top picks for best low profile full-face helmets – because safety should never compromise style or comfort.

Top 13 Best Low Profile Full-Face Helmets

1. Shoei RF-1400 Full-Face Helmet:

This helmet is all about the fusion of style, safety, and comfort. The Shoei RF-1400 has an aerodynamic shell design, optimal ventilation, and is renowned for its top-tier noise reduction. Plus, its low-profile design doesn’t compromise its safety features.

2. Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Street Helmet:

Aesthetically pleasing and economically friendly, this helmet brings together comfort and low-profile design. Its lightweight polycarbonate shell, clear shield, and integrated communication port for Bluetooth systems are just the cherries on top.

3. Arai Defiant-X Helmet:

Built for the performance-oriented rider, the Arai Defiant-X features a super fiber belt that reinforces strength while maintaining a low profile. The distinctive style, removable cheek pads, and efficient ventilation system offer a comfortable ride.

4. HJC i70 Helmet:

HJC is known for high-quality helmets, and the i70 is no exception. It provides excellent vision, a sleek, low-profile design, and an advanced ventilation system for superior airflow. The lightweight polycarbonate composite shell adds to the appeal.

5. ScorpionEXO Covert Helmet:

The Covert helmet is Scorpion’s answer to the riders wanting flexibility. It’s a 3-in-1 design – full face, three-quarter, and half helmet, depending on your preference, without losing its low-profile charm.

6. Shark EVO One 2 Helmet:

The EVO One 2 offers a unique 2-in-1 design – an impressive combination of a full-face and an open-face helmet. Despite its comprehensive safety features, it retains a slim, low-profile design that reduces lift and drag.

7. LS2 Valiant II Helmet:

The Valiant II is a lightweight, convertible helmet that provides 180-degree, flip-up chin bar capability. Its aerodynamic, low-profile design and optically correct face shield make it a popular choice among riders.

8. AGV K6 Helmet:

The K6 offers a high-resistance shell and a compact, aerodynamic shape. Its innovative design gives the perfect blend of comfort, stability, and safety in a low-profile silhouette.

9. Icon Airflite Helmet:

Icon’s Airflite Helmet is eye-catching with its futuristic design. The helmet features an extended face shield, an internal Sun visor, and an aerodynamically tuned shape for reduced lift and drag.

10. Nolan N104 Helmet:

The Nolan N104 helmet stands out for its ultrawide viewport and dual-action chin bar, allowing for superior visibility and ease of use. It’s a premium helmet that incorporates the best safety features in a sleek, low-profile design.

11. Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet:

Schuberth’s C4 Pro is a benchmark in the modular helmet category. It blends cutting-edge features like seamless Bluetooth integration and superior noise reduction with a low-profile shell design.

12. Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet:

The Ghost Bandit helmet offers an unmatched blend of style and function. It features a lightweight composite shell, tool-free shield removal, and excellent ventilation; all encased in a sleek, low-profile design.

13. Caberg Duke II Helmet:

Duke II is perfect for urban riders looking for versatility. This flip-up helmet comes with dual homologation, which allows it to be legally worn as a full-face or an open-face helmet while maintaining a low-profile design.

In the end, the choice of a helmet depends on your personal preferences for style, comfort, and added features. Each helmet on this list brings a unique blend of these attributes while ensuring the utmost safety and adhering to a low-profile design. As a seasoned rider, I know there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but I’m confident you’ll find a helmet in this list that will perfectly suit your riding needs. Stay safe, and happy riding!


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