Top 11 Best Orange Motorcycle Helmets To Stand Out

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

As an experienced motorcyclist, I know just how important a good helmet is. Safety, comfort, and style must meet in perfect harmony to give us the protection we need and the look we desire. Today, I am going to share my top picks Best Orange Motorcycle Helmets that will not only keep you safe but also make you stand out on the road.

Top 11 Best Orange Motorcycle Helmets To Stand Out

1. Shoei RF-1400 Monolith Helmet – TC-3

The Shoei RF-1400 Monolith in its TC-3 colorway instantly caught my attention with its vibrant orange accents. This helmet’s safety features are top-notch, including an innovative shell structure that’s both lightweight and highly resilient. The wind tunnel-tested aerodynamics, and high-quality ventilation system add to its appeal. What’s more, its comfortable interior lining and Pinlock-ready face shield make it a brilliant choice.

2. AGV K6 Helmet – Glossy Orange

The AGV K6 Glossy Orange offers an uncompromising blend of safety, comfort, and style. It’s extraordinarily lightweight, thanks to its carbon and aramid fiber shell. The optimized ventilation and premium interior padding make for a comfortable ride, while the glossy orange finish truly stands out on the road.

3. Icon Airflite Helmet – Stim

The Icon Airflite Stim, with its full-face design and vivid orange graphics, commands attention. The helmet comes with a fog-free visor, a removable Hydradry moisture-wicking liner, and superior ventilation, ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride. Moreover, its injection-molded polycarbonate shell offers reliable protection.

4. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet

With its fun and stylish retro design, the Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS in orange certainly turns heads. But beyond its looks, it boasts Bell’s MIPS technology for added rotational impact protection. It also comes with a Transitions Adaptive Face Shield, which conveniently adjusts to light conditions.

5. Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet – Techno

The Scorpion EXO-R420 Techno with its bright orange geometric patterns is certainly a sight to behold. Its standout features include the aero-tuned ventilation system, the Ellip-Tec II face shield, and a KwikWick II liner for comfort. In terms of safety, the helmet’s multi-layered EPS and polycarbonate shell provide excellent protection.

6. HJC CL-17 Helmet – Streamline MC-7SF

The HJC CL-17 Streamline MC-7SF helmet stands out with its sleek orange and black design. Its shell is lightweight and highly durable, thanks to its advanced polycarbonate composite construction. The helmet’s face shield provides 95% UV protection, and its SilverCool™ interior keeps your ride as comfortable as possible.

7. Arai XD4 Helmet – Fluorescent Orange

The Arai XD4 in Fluorescent Orange is for those who desire maximum visibility on the road. Apart from its eye-catching color, the helmet boasts advanced safety features, a fully removable/replaceable/washable interior, and multiple vents for efficient airflow.

8. LS2 Stream Evo Helmet – Crazy Pop

If you’re into vibrant graphics, the LS2 Stream Evo Crazy Pop is the helmet for you. It features a technopolymer shell for shock absorption, a quick-release visor, and a hypoallergenic liner. Its wild orange and black design ensures you’ll turn heads wherever you ride.

9. NEXX X.G100R Purist Helmet – Orange

The NEXX X.G100R Purist in orange gives off a cool, retro vibe. It features an X-MATRIX shell (a blend of fiberglass, organic fibers, aramid, and carbon fiber), ensuring robust protection without being overly heavy. The 3D-formed interior is extremely comfortable, while the vibrant orange color completes its classic look.

10. Shark D-Skwal 2 Helmet – Switch Riders 2

The Shark D-Skwal 2 Switch Riders 2 offers an edgy design with vibrant orange accents that pop against the darker shell. Not just a looker, it’s also equipped with an integrated LED light system, Pinlock MaxVision insert lens included, and optimized aerodynamics thanks to its rear spoiler.

11. Caberg Drift Evo Helmet – Quick Silver

Last but certainly not least, the Caberg Drift Evo Quick Silver features a striking orange, black, and silver color scheme. The tri-composite shell ensures excellent safety, and the quick-release visor mechanism provides convenience. The double anti-turbulence neck roll and the removable, hypoallergenic interior make every ride more comfortable.

Choosing the right helmet is not just about safety. It’s also about expressing your personality and making a statement. And these 11 orange helmets certainly fit the bill. Not only do they offer all the necessary safety and comfort features, but they also promise to make you stand out on every ride. Safe travels, and enjoy the journey.


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