Average motorcycle fuel tank capacity 5 Important Things You Need to Know

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Motorcycles have recently become very common in sporting, recreation, and transport activities. Depending on the type of motorcycle and the purpose it is designed for, you will find different models with varied tank sizes. There are models with very small fuel tanks, while others have large tanks that hold more fuel and keep the motorcycle moving for long distances.

Planning for possible fuel stops for any motorist is imperative for a steady and swift ride. You will most likely be checking the fuel gauge to see how far your tank can sustain you and the most appropriate place to refuel the tank. If you are trying to find out more about motorcycle fuel tank capacity and how far a full tank can take you, you are in the right place.

How Many Gallons of Gas Can a Motorcycle Hold?

How many gallons of gas can a motorcycle hold

Typically, an average motorcycle fuel tank can hold up to 3-6 gallons of gas. The smaller tanks have a fuel capacity of 1.5 – 4 gallons of fuel. These small tank sizes can be found on motorcycles with engine power of 50cc up to 250cc, which are used more commercially for transport. The heavy adventure, sporting, and cruiser motorcycles usually have high fuel capacity tanks of 5-8.5 gallons. These are the strongest bikes and require a lot of gas to run their engines effectively and with maximum efficiency.

If you are using a motorcycle in a developed town or city, you need not worry much about refueling points because you will get stations on almost every corner to refuel your petrol tank with as many liters as your tank can hold. However, if you plan to use your motorbike in remote areas like jungles and deserts, then you need to find ways to have extra gas gallons.

Here are a few ways to help you increase the fuel capacity of your motorcycle when going to places with scattered petrol stations.

1. Use Oversized Motorcycle Tanks

Use oversized motorcycle tanks

Safety first! If you wish to increase your motorcycle fuel capacity, you can go for oversized motorcycle tanks. You can find these tanks on the market and attach them to your touring motorcycle, which you can use to increase your fuel capacity. These extra tanks have a capacity of 10 -11 gallons. Most of the oversized tanks can fit well in most motorcycle tank spaces

2. Auxiliary Motorcycle Tanks

Auxiliary motorcycle tanks

This is another best way to increase the motorcycle fuel capacity. You need to find sizable auxiliary tanks and typically connect them to the main fuel tank line. You can work with the gas in the auxiliary tanks whenever the main tank gets exhausted. This method is also very safe, but first, you have to ensure that the tanks are properly connected to the fuel line and no possible leakages.

3. Strap Additional Fuel Petrol Tanks on The Motorcycle

Strap additional fuel petrol tanks on the motorcycle

Strapping fuel cans is literally the most simple way of having extra gas to back you up when your gas tank gets empty. However, it is not the most recommended way of having extra gas as it requires the motorist to be more vigilant; otherwise, a small mistake can lead to a hazardous situation.

But still, you can go for the stackable fuel cans, which are considered less dangerous and more convenient. They are usually attached to the rear sides of the motor and can serve you with an extra 1 – 4 gallons of gas.

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How Far Can You Go on a Full Tank?

How far can you go on a full tank

The distance your motorcycle will cover on a full tank varies depending on various factors. However, you can estimate the distance and fill the gas tank with a capacity of liters that can sustain you to your preferred destination.

Generally, most motorcycles can cover a distance of 120 to 200 miles on a full petrol tank. Those used mainly for sporting can go for a distance between 120- 250 miles, while the touring models can cover long distances of about 350 miles.

Expect impressive distance coverage for cruisers and dual-purpose bikes because they have large tanks that can contain a whopping 8.5 gallons of gas. These bikes can go as far as 140 to 220 miles. Knowing how far a full tank can take you will help you plan on refilling points so that you don’t get stuck on the way because of an empty tank.

Apart from the motorbike model, other relevant factors will determine how far you can go on a full gas tank. They include:

  • The size of the gas tank
  • The size of the engine
  • Whether the bike is new or old
  • Riding style

Considering all these factors, you can easily know the fuel you will need on your entire cycling adventure.

Conclusion Average Motorcycle Fuel Tank Capacity

As a motorcycle owner, the best thing to do is understand your bike and how it functions. This basic knowledge will make your riding experiences awesome and more enjoyable. With the content above, hope you get to study your motorcycle and continue riding peacefully without fear of running on an empty tank in some desert or remote area.


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