How Long Do Motorcycle Leathers Last ?

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Leather is a natural material that is durable and classy. However, it can wear out over time depending on the usage, among other factors. The best leather can last for around 10 to 20 years if taken good care of. If you are wondering how long your motorcycle leather will last, worry no more. This article looks at the factors that will determine the lifespan of your motorcycle leathers.

Factors That Determine the Lifespan of Your Motorcycle Leather Jacket


The lifespan of a motorcycle leather jacket is dependent on various factors. These factors will determine whether your leather suit or jacket will last for over twenty years or last for just five years.

• Leather Form – Hard or Soft Leather


Leather Form - Hard or Soft Leather

The leather material that your motorcycle jacket is made of will determine how long the jacket lasts. If you go for soft, high-quality leather motorcycle jackets or suits, they will last longer. These are leather jackets such as the Breeze perforated leather jacket, element vintage leather jacket, or Tornado perforated leather jacket.

However, if you buy budget, low-quality leather from any material shop, get ready to dispose of your jacket after just a few years. That happens because soft skin tends to wear out faster than hard skin. It weakens the bond between the threads on the inside and outside of your suit. In such cases, it is important to get a suit made up of premium quality leather and naturally resistant to fading and tearing.

• Leather Type – Full Grain or Top Grain Leather


Full Grain or Top Grain Leather

This refers to whether the outer layer of your jacket or suit consists of full grain, fancy grain, or knit texture leathers. Different types contain different characteristics that affect their lifespan.
A full grain jacket has solid seams that run through its surface, whereas a top grain jacket has finely stitched seams that run along its edges and in the middle. Both full grain and top grain jackets will offer you robust, long-lasting durability as they are naturally resistant to harmful chemicals.

• Frequency of Use


How often you use the leather race suit will affect its durability. The more you wear the racing suit, the less it will last compared to a suit that sits in its drawer most of the time. Generally, suits with heavy use show signs of deterioration after a few years, if not months of regular usage. Also, when you expose leather to extreme temperatures or use harsh detergents, it will not last long.

• Maintenance


Maintaining your racing leathers will go a long way in ensuring they last longer. Most leather garments need minimal maintenance as washing or drying them is the only necessary thing.
However, you can use a conditioner to renew the softness of your leathers. Please avoid using the conditioner too often as it can make the suit stiff. When using a leather-care product, ensure it is safe on racing leathers.

• Reinforcement & Care


The harder the leather, the less wear and tear it will suffer. That also means it will take longer for the leather jacket to wear out. Experts recommend using a protective coating on your jackets and wearing a proper motorcycle riding suit. That is to prevent any damage caused by abrasion or chafing while riding over rough terrain or during an accident.

• Staining & Fading


Leather eventually shows signs of aging after prolonged usage and being used over the years. These could be signs such as slight fading, scuffs, tears, or staining caused by normal friction with other materials against leather on pockets and zips, etc. These minor defects may cause more damage to the garment, otherwise known as ‘wear-and-tear.’ It is recommended you regularly clean and protect your garments to avoid any damage from occurring in the first place due to staining.

Benefits of Motorcycle Leather


• Improved Performance



AGV SPORT Ladies Vintage Palomar Motorcycle Jacket

The reason why leather is being used by many motorcycle riders today is its better temperature control and breathability than other materials. The leather insulates the rider from the warm temperatures or the cold weather compared to other materials. This means that you will be able to ride in high temperatures without overheating due to improved ventilation. You will not overheat as easily under the same conditions, which can cause cramps and muscle pain during a demanding ride.

• Increased Comfort and Safety


agvsport leather jacket

Motorcycle riding can be very dangerous, especially when on a long-distance ride. You must have proper protection against injuries, abrasions, bruises, and cuts that are more likely to occur during impact. However, that depends on your clothing of choice and the terrain you are riding on. A leather garment will provide much more comfort while decreasing the potential risks of getting hurt while riding.

• Quality of materials


When it comes to quality, you can rest assured that leather is of the highest quality and made from cowhide which provides optimal comfort and performance coupled with a guaranteed lifespan. Its quality is unmatched in the world of motorcycle riding. The quality also ensures the racing suit is as durable as possible.

• Durability


It is also important to consider how durable your jacket is, as this is among the most important factors in motorcycle riding. Leather jackets encompass high-quality materials geared towards long-lasting durability. There is an extensive range of styles and colors to choose from, so there is no need to worry about what style or color you fancy.

• Easy care


If you plan to use your leather jacket for a longer period, maintaining it is a must. Leather jackets are easy to clean and maintain their original look even after multiple uses. Keeping them clean will also decrease the chances of stains and snags. You could be cleaning it with a piece of cloth regularly before you can wash it by dipping it in water.

Wrapping Up How Long Do Motorcycle Leathers Last 


Leather suits are great, especially for motorcycles. They are practical, provide maximum protection and comfort, and have a luxurious appearance. Their durability will be dependent on several factors such as usage, care, and maintenance. Take good care of your leather to make it more durable.


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