Are Dr Martens good for motorcycle riding?

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Dr. Martens is a popular brand of footwear that is known for its durability and comfort. However, when it comes to motorcycle riding, Dr. Martens may not be the best option.

While they can provide good protection for your feet and ankles in general, they are not specifically designed for motorcycle riding. Motorcycle boots are designed to offer additional features that are necessary for motorcycle riding, such as protection from heat, abrasion, and impact.

In addition, motorcycle boots often have special features such as reinforced toes and soles, ankle support, and improved grip on the footpegs. These features provide additional safety and comfort while riding a motorcycle.
Therefore, if you are planning to ride a motorcycle, it is recommended that you invest in a pair of motorcycle-specific boots instead of relying on Dr. Martens. This will help ensure that you have the proper protection and support for your feet and ankles while riding.

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