Do You Need Gloves for Motorcycle Riding?

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Need Gloves for Motorcycle Riding I’ve been asked a multitude of questions about motorcycling, from the essential gear one needs to the best scenic routes around the country. One question that pops up frequently and causes quite a debate is, “Do you really need gloves for motorcycle riding?” Having navigated through all sorts of terrains and weather conditions on my motorcycle, I can confidently tell you this – gloves are not just an accessory; they’re a necessity. Here’s why.

Do You Need Gloves for Motorcycle Riding? An Experienced Motorcyclist Weighs In

1. Enhanced Grip

Riding a motorcycle involves a lot of intricate control over the machine, and a large part of this control comes from your hands. Whether it’s shifting gears, applying the brakes, or using the clutch, having a firm grip is paramount. The natural sweat and oils from your hands, combined with the engine’s vibrations, can make the handles slippery. Motorcycle gloves enhance your grip, ensuring that your hands don’t slip off the handles, offering you better control over your ride.

2. Protection

Perhaps the most important reason to wear gloves is the protection they offer. Accidents, while unfortunate, are a part of life on the road. In the event of a fall, it’s human instinct to put your hands out in an attempt to break your fall. Without gloves, your hands are vulnerable to severe injuries and abrasions. A good pair of motorcycle gloves are designed to safeguard your hands from these kinds of injuries, with reinforced palms and knuckles providing much-needed protection against abrasion and impact.

3. Weather Resistance

Riding a motorcycle exposes you to various weather conditions. From the scorching sun, the chilly winter breeze to the unexpected rain showers, motorcycle gloves can protect your hands and keep them comfortable. They can help shield your hands from sunburn in the summer, keep them warm in the winter, and prevent your hands from getting wet in the rain.

4. Comfort

Apart from protection and weather resistance, gloves also offer added comfort. The continuous throttle action and gripping can cause your hands to tire and can even lead to blisters over a long journey. Gloves provide the necessary padding to prevent this discomfort and allow for a more enjoyable ride.

5. Improved Control and Reduced Fatigue

Gloves with proper padding can help absorb some of the vibrations from the handlebars, which can reduce hand fatigue over long rides. This not only increases comfort but also allows for finer control over the bike’s operations, as reduced fatigue means steadier hands on the controls.

6. Style

Last but not least, let’s not forget the style factor. A good pair of gloves complete your biker look. Gloves come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can choose one that suits your personal style or matches your gear.

In conclusion, while they might not seem like much, gloves are an essential part of motorcycle riding gear. They not only protect your hands but also improve your grip and control over the motorcycle, while offering comfort and style. As an experienced motorcyclist, my advice to all riders out there, whether you’re just starting or have been riding for years, is to invest in a good pair of gloves. They will serve you well on your motorcycling journeys and help ensure that you arrive at your destination safely and comfortably.


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