2022 Cleveland MISFIT 2

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

The Misfit is a sporty commuter motorcycle that has been upgraded for performance and style so you can look good in the city and keep up on the interstate.

The first-generation Misfit was made by Cleveland CycleWerks from 2010 to 2015, and it was a bigger success than we could have ever dreamed. It was Cleveland CycleWerks’ second model, following The Heist, which was their first. The second-generation Misfit is an entire innovation constructed from the ground up and represents a substantial advancement in both design and engineering for Cleveland CycleWerks. The first Misfit has already established itself as a terrific sporty commuter.

The Misfit Gen 2 pays homage to the past while moving on a bold new path. The whole package, braking, handling, and chassis characteristics are all improved. The Gen 2 Misfit represents a significant advancement for Cleveland CycleWerks.

Simple, Beautiful: Comfortable Riding

2022 Cleveland MISFIT 2 yellow

The Misfit 2 is built with various improved features that will help it ride like a sled from the future while yet having the beauty of your gorgeous old motorcycle.

The Misfit will make you feel out of place with its 80 MPG+ and 70 MPH+ cruising speeds and price of about $3700 USD (Worldwide).


There are also several changes made in terms of our original model’s design. The chassis is bigger in size, which increases stability at faster speeds. While maintaining our low seat height, we have increased the cockpit space to better accommodate larger riders. For a livelier ride, the chassis also incorporates a more front wedge.

What Are The Engine Characteristics Of Cleveland Misfit 2?

2022 Cleveland MISFIT 2 engine

Engine Features: ·         CCW-CBB250

·         Air-Cooled

·         Displacement: 229cc

·         Cylinder: 1

·         Stroke: 4

Maximum- Power: 12Kw/ 7500rpm
Maximum-Torque: 18Nm/ 5500rpm
Compression-Ratio: 9.25: 1
Bore and Stroke: 65.5 * 66.2 mm/
Maximum Speed:




Ignition-Type: CDI-D8EA
Intake-Valve Open (BTDC)

Exhaust-Valve Open (BBDC)

Intake-Valve Closed (ABDC)

Exhaust-Valve Open (ATDC)





The clutch: Wet-Multiplate

 The gas tank has sharper lines and is more sculpted. For knee down, deep cornering, the gas tank’s knee indents are deeper and more useful. A flat passenger seat is accessible by removing the seat cover.


The entire perimeter frame enhances the characteristics of the chassis for a considerably more secure and assured ride. The chassis flex has been adjusted and minimized with greater thin wall tubing.

Chassis Features

Frame-Type: ·         Tubular-Backbone

·         Double Cradle

·         High carbon steel

Trail/Rake: ·         114mm/25º
Front Suspension: ·         38mm stanchions with inverted forks

·         Discrete-type damping

·         Shim stack valving for compression and rebound

Rare suspension: ·         325mm length eye to eye Twin coil-over, oil damped shocks 5 stage preload adjustable
Swing arm: ·         large tubular arms.

·         axial needle roller bearings

·         Bearings for needle roller side thrust

Seat: ·         Pillion strap and rider/pillion seat

·         Pillion seat cover that is removable

Footrest: ·         footrests for riders with springs

·         Pillion footrests that fold

 The chassis was created by our lead engineer with both street and track performance in mind. The forks have a sporty rake and angle that make turning at both low and high speeds effortless. Additionally, the path is designed to be more stable at high speeds. The first model we’ll use for club racing is the Gen II Misfit. Talk is cheap; we will demonstrate the chassis on the track. 

Front-Suspension and Driveline

2022 Cleveland MISFIT 2 yellow

With a customized valve and a more straightforward shim stack design, our forks likewise mark a significant advancement in both form and function. Our massive piston-type forks are held in place by CNC triple trees, which also provide flair and rigidity. To alter the steering lock on the track, the forks also include adjustable lock-to-lock stops.

The drive system has been modified to a KMC 520H chain with a complete cush-drive arrangement. The sprocket carrier has a 6-stud drive disc and is supported by independently sealed bearings.

2022 Cleveland MISFIT 2


The brake calipers and rotors on the front and rear wheels have been upgraded to Japanese standards. Our rear rotor is a fixed-wave unit, while the front rotor is a fully floating wave rotor. The four-piston, radial-mount front caliper has four pistons. The rider benefits from better performance, reduced fade, and overall higher quality because of this attention to detail.

Brakes And Tires

Front brake: ·         4 piston radial mount caliper with a single 320mm complete floating wave rotor

·         Braided and bonded brake hose made of DOT stainless steel

Rare brake: ·         2 piston sliding caliper with a 220mm wave rotor

·         Braided and bonded brake hose made of DOT stainless steel

Front tire: 6P.R. 62P Kingstone 100/90-18 tube

Maximum load: 265 kg or 583 lbs.

Rare tire: 759 lb maximum load Kingstone 120/90-18 tube type 6P.R. 71M; 345 kg maximum load
Front-wheel: 2.75″ * 18″ Steel
Rare wheel: 2.75″ * 18″ steel

Cush sprocket carrier that is fully floating

Rare-Axil Diameter: 17mm/0.67inches
Front Brake Diameter: 315mm/12.40inches

 What Is The Fuel Capacity Of Misfit Gen 2?

2022 Cleveland MISFIT 2 black

3.96 gallons/15 liters are the fuel capacity of the CLEVELAND MISFIT 2.

This motorcycle falls under the category of naked, and the Cleveland Misfit 2 generation’s initial model hit the streets in 2021, therefore we are talking about a motorcycle generation that has been around for one year.

Dimensions And Capacities

Overall-Length: 2150mm/84.6inches
Overall-Width: 780mm/30.7inches
Overall-Height: 1080mm/42.5inches
Ground-Clearance: 150mm/5.90inches
Curb Weight: 144kg/317.45pounds
Seat Height: 770mm/30.3inches
Wheelbase: 1400mm/55.11inches
Maximum Weight: 180kg/396.84pounds
Fuel Capacity: 3.96 gallons/15Liters

What Are The Available Colors Of MISFIT 2?

  • Yellow
  • Black

Electrical Features

  • YTX9-BS AGM (Maintenance-Free)
  • 12V/9 Amp/hour




Front-Headlight: H4-35/35
Tail-Light: 12V
Speedometer: Cable-Driven
Tachometer: Electronic-Stepper-Needle
Emergency-Light: Four-Way-Flasher
Neutral-Indicator-Light: Yes
Turn-Signal-Light: Yes
License-Plate-Light: Yes


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