2022 Zontes Gk350 Sport Cafe

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

The 350cc model range from Zontes in China will be introduced in two months with several enhancements in addition to the larger engine.

The ZT350-GK will be the flagship model in the line-up, but Chinese type-approval paperwork also shows that the company’s current ‘310’ vehicles will also get the new engine and several other improvements, such as better brakes, wheels, and suspension.

By increasing power, torque, and displacement to 39.44 hp, 32.8 Nm, and 350 CC, the Zontes GK350 ushers in a new generation of high-performance, medium-displacement bikes.

The Gen 2.5 Keyless Control System has excellent anti-theft performance thanks to modern encryption technology, and the induction key fob is delicate and exquisite. The portable key fob can lock the motorcycle after 1.5 meters and unlock it within that distance using inductive technology, allowing the transponder to remain in a bag or pocket without having to be removed.

2022 Zontes Gk350 Sport Cafe

Zontes, a Chinese company, has made a lot of noise in recent years by creating appealing and reasonably priced for the European market. This most recent investigation into a 350cc range may be another step in the right way given the promise of some 650cc-1000cc triples soon.

Its design responds to a new breed of naked motorcycles with shapes inspired by cafe racers and scramblers while also exhibiting exceptional road manners. To this, we added unusual equipment like full LED lighting, headlights made of cast iron and die-cast aluminum and ellipsoidal spotlights with circular light guides, a new PKE proximity smart key, a TFT panel with four display modes and an ambient light sensor, real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring, and more. Juan has a 320 mm front disc with a radial-mount (265 mm rear), Dual QC 3.0 fast-charging USB sockets, 43 mm fork legs, Bosch dual-channel ABS, electronic short-circuit protection, etc. Without a doubt, no bike in our segment currently even comes close to meeting our requirements.

General Information Zontes Gk350 Sports Cafe 2022

2022 Zontes Gk350 Sport Cafe

Model: Zontes GK350 Sport Café
Launch year: 2022
Category: Naked

The suspension, frame, and engine are anticipated to appear in other models in the line-up, such as an update for the adventure tourer ZT310. This second generation will also include components that will be ported over to other models in the line-up.

These renderings display larger angled frames, a single disc at the front with a small cowl, outer-spoked wire rims, and a circular LED headlight (possibly aluminum as in the 310-model range).

At this point, the stacked dual exhaust, a Zontes trademark, along with the panels, belly pan, seat, and radiator cowl combine to provide a tidy and comprehensive design.

in terms of functionality, build quality, and not just pricing. China produces over a million bikes annually, and the most recent estimates indicate that 1.57 million bikes will be produced in 2020. For this to happen, they must be using the appropriate formula.

Keyless System-Gen:2.5

The Gen 2.5 induction key has superior anti-theft protection and cutting-edge encryption technologies.

The motorcycle detects the transmitter signal when it is 1.5 meters away thanks to the built-in HF antenna, which amplifies the signal. The most recent Keyless system features an IP67 waterproof rating and a space for a key fob. It provides the rider with the finest possible experience and makes his daily life easier when used in conjunction with the second-generation electronic steering wheel lock. Additionally, it contains an integrated sensor that operates even when the transmitter’s battery is low.

Key Highlights Of 2022 Zontes GK350


  • Eco and Sport are the two power delivery modes. System for injection by BOSCH.
  • Zontes engine has 39.44 horsepower and 32.8 Nm of maximum torque at 7,500 rpm.
  • A brand-new 348cc single-cylinder engine that has dual liquid and oil cooling. 4-valve DOHC cylinder head
  • A strong inverted fork with 43 mm stanchions and a rear mono-shock absorber with high-pressure nitrogen oversee the suspension system.
  • 265mm rear disc and 320mm front disc with J. Juan radial caliper. ABS dual-channel Bosch 9.1M.
  • Noticeable ribs on a swingarm made of cast aluminum.

Zontes GK350-Engine

2022 Zontes Gk350 Sport Cafe engine

The brand-new motor isn’t just the same 312cc “310” single with a few more cubic inches. To increase power, torque, and acceleration, Zontes claims that the bulk of the parts—including the crankcase, cylinder, cylinder head, starter motor, and oil pump—are new. Initially, the company planned to provide two variations: a 43hp model that would be power-parallel to the KTM 390 Duke and a detuned 39hp one. The more potent variant, however, has been discontinued due to excessive vibration, thus the less potent model with a lower compression ratio will be installed throughout the new 350 range.

The new ZT350-GK will be available with either scrambler-style wire wheels or road-oriented cast alloys, both of which have neo-retro styling evocative of the Husqvarna Sharptailed.

Engine Features

2022 Zontes Gk350 Sport Cafe engine

Engine type: ·         Four strokes

·         Single cylinder

·         DOHC

Displacement: 348cc
Max. Power: 39.9HP/28.4Kw (9500rpm)
Max. Torque: 32.8Nm (7500 rpm)
Fuel system: BOSH-Injection
Bore*Stroke: 84.5mm*62mm/ 3.3*2.4inches
Compression Ratio:                      12.3/1
Gearbox: 6 speeds
Cooling system: Liquid
Fuel-consumption: 3.2 liters/100km
Greenhouse gases: 74.2 CO2 g/km.

(CO2-Carbon dioxide emission)

Suspension, Chassis, And Brakes

A redesigned swingarm for models with dual-sided arms that has a ‘banana’ form to clear the exhaust and a new collector that is 40% bigger than previously are among the alterations made in addition to the engine. To accommodate the increased performance of the larger engine, it is also thicker and stiffer than the previous version.

Maps For ECO And SPORT

2022 Zontes Gk350 Sport Cafe black

With dual mapping, the rider has a choice of two driving modes: “S” for brisk and demanding sport driving or “E” for fuel-efficient long-distance driving. When the engine speed surpasses 7,000 rpm when in fuel-saving mode, the program temporarily intervenes by switching the mapping to sport mode, assisting the rider in an emergency overtakes.

The upside-down forks at the front have an increased diameter of 37 to 43 mm and fully new brake brackets that can accommodate the J-Juan four-pot radial calipers that have taken the place of the previous Zontes two-piston stoppers. The discs themselves have increased sizes of 230mm to 260mm at the back and 300mm to 320mm at the front.

Suspension, Brakes, And Tires

Front Suspension: ·         Telescopic

·         43mm/1.69inches

Rare suspension: Central Nitrogen-Absorber
Front tire: 120; 70-ZR17
Rare tire: 160; 60-ZR17
Front brake: ·         Single Disc

·         ABS

Rare brake: ·         Single Disc

·         ABS

Frame Type: Steel-Pipe

The rear coil-over is also new; it now has a 50mm shock in place of a 42mm one and a 90mm spring in place of the previous version’s 80mm spring.



Gearbox: Six-Speed
Cutch: Anti-Rebound-Multi Disc
End-Drive: Chain (Sealed)

The frame has been strengthened and can now employ a wider 120-section front tire thanks to the new wheels. The engine’s drive for more performance is helped by a 30% larger airbox, which is also said to boost sound.

What Is The HP Of 2022 Zontes GK350?

2022 Zontes Gk350 Sport Cafe blue

The HP of the 2022 Zontes GK350 is 39.40hp at the rate of 9500rpm.

Physical Measurements And Capacities

Seat height: 795mm/31.3inches
Length: 2070mm/81.5inches
Width: 845mm/33.3inches
Height: 1120mm/44.1inches
Curb weight: 188kg/414.5pounds
Fuel capacity: 17liters/4.49 gallons
wheelbase: 1390mm/54.7inches

 Electronic Features

Starter Electric
Instruments LCD
Battery Yes
Light LED
Digital Panel Yes
USB-socket Yes
Passenger-Grab-Handle Yes
Leavers-Adjustable Yes
Keyless-Control Yes


  • LED

system for all LED lighting (headlight, pilot, and indicators)

  • Electronic instruments

Bluetooth connectivity and a TFT Full-Color LCD instrument display with four modes.

  • Rim with perimeter spokes and no tubes

With perimeter spokes that emphasize its scrambler design, the rim is tubeless.

What Are The Colors Available For 2022 Zontes GK350?

  • White
  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Silver

What Is The Price Of 2022 Zontes GK350?



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